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Toddler Party Ideas – because you love ‘em, but how do you entertain ‘em??

Top tips for first, second and third birthday parties Toddlers – beautiful, wild, loving, infuriating little devil-cherubs. We know; we have one and she is at peak toddler-hood. So we would like to help you throw an amazing party which will amaze your friends, entertain the kids and show your little one just how much […]

So what makes ours the best children’s entertainers in Preston?

little gigglers aprty

It would be silly to suggest that there’s no competition for the title of Best Children’s Entertainer in Preston, and just denial to say that none of them are any good. But in all honestly and from all the fantastic feedback we’ve got, we do genuinely think we’re the best not only in Preston but […]

Summer time! Time to play outside with bouncy castle hire and soft play hire in Preston, Blackpool, Manchester and across Lancashire!

kids on a bouncy castle

At last! It seems that we are feeling the last attempts of winter trying (and failing!) to drag us down. Spring is upon us – there’s daffodils to prove it – and summer is just around the corner. What do we do best in Lancashire in Summer? Light the barbie and get a nice red […]

Exciting parties, exciting times! New children’s entertainers for Manchester, Preston, Liverpool, Blackpool, Lancaster.

princess party

Hello party people! Yeah, I know that Fun Valley has appeared to lose any sense of modesty, but I just want to tell you all about how good we are. I mean, that’s what blogs are for surely? Nobody wants to hear about stressful house moves, morning sickness, chicken pox and sickly babies do they? […]

Did someone say Superhero Party? Amazing parties in Preston, Manchester and surrounding areas.

KAPOW! We have a very busy office today sorting out superhero logistics. You have no idea how much it takes to get those lads and lasses out saving folk. They make it look so easy, but let me assure you there is plenty going on behind the scenes… outfit creation, boot polishing, action planning, recruitment,weapon […]

Roll Up Roll Up! New Childrens Entertainer Preston! New Children’s Entertainer Manchester!

fun valley games

And just when you thought we couldn’t get any better, there we go and introduce a whole new children’s entertainer Manchester and Preston option! This is a whole new type of children’s entertainer too – for those youngsters who are too hip (yes, I am showing my age) for your run of the mill party […]

Princess Party Manchester, Princess Party Preston, Soft Play Hire and Come and Play Session in Clitheroe!

Blimey, we’ve been a busy bunch over here at Fun Valley!! Our Princess Party is getting a lot of interest, with one booking from a very grown up Princess indeed – there is, after all, no age limit on Royal Fun! Our very own Princess of Fun Valley will be making a royal appearance at […]

Princess Party Preston, Manchester, Clitheroe, Blackpool and Lancashire!

princess party

Hello Party People (probably Princess Party People if you’re reading this blog)… We have some most excellent news for you! We have now developed, tested and proven our Not-Your-Average-Princess Party and we can confirm that it is indeed the very best Princess Party in Preston (and no, we’re definitely not biased…) If you have a […]