Hello! Guest editor Sarah here – Fun Valley Children’s Entertainer Extraordinaire!  It’s that time of year again… World book day! A day of celebrating all things books! It is also that time of year when parents have to find a costume for their kids to wear to school. Are you having a sudden panic on what to dress your little ones in? Finding it hard to find time to make one? Don’t worry! We are here to help you find the right costume that we are sure will keep everyone happy. And as a children’s entertainer I know it’s important for your little book worm to love the costume, otherwise you’ll be confronted with a costume refuser first thing on book day morning, and nobody needs any extra stress on a school day!! There’s not loads to trawl through, we’ve selected the best and quickest options for you. You can thank us later!

First of all we are going to share with you some inspiration from some DIY costumes. Below is a link for some Roald Dahl inspired costumes. Although these costumes look quite complicated they are actually quite simple when you break them down. If you have a spare couple of hours, then why not give one of these costumes a go? Follow the link below to find out everything you need and a video with a step by step guide on how to do it.



If you find that despite your best intentions, you do not have the time to make a costume (who were you kidding?? We have no idea who actually has time to home make them!) then head down to your local supermarket where you can find a wide selection of costumes that your little ones will love!! We have put together our top picks from the local supermarkets – remember not to leave it to late, the best ones might be gone:

Where? Asda

What? Little Red Riding hood

Price? From £13.00

Our Rating 9/10



Where? Tesco

What? Wheres Wally?

Price? £15.00

Our Rating 10/10


(also doubles up as a fun costume for hide and seek when they get home; get them to hide anywhere and ‘try to find them’ – i.e. have a nice coffee while you hear them giggling away.)


Where? Sainsburys

What? Peter Rabbit all in one costume

Price? From £17.00

Our Rating 9/10 – so realistic that you’d better watch out for Mr McGregor!!



Thanks for reading!! Please share your world book day costumes with us at Fun Valley! We would love to see what you have created…..

Sarah x