Well what an opening month we’ve had at Fun Valley! Having handed over a previous children’s entertainment and education business to my partner (hi Kate!) in January after having a baby, I decided it was time to chill out and parent for a while… Until I found myself in possession of a couple of top-notch inflatables and lots of matching decorations and activities.

Turns out I had bought/made/designed them all at some point in a new mum haze of exhaustion, screams (mostly mine), cuddles and caffeine. So here we were, with a conservatory full of brightly coloured fun looking things (sorry Mr C-P) and a new business venture to work out! Luckily our first event in Lancashire was booked within days and the kids loved our wares, particularly the child who saw us unloading and was pleasantly surprised that the bouncy castle inflated to a somewhat larger size than its 80cm packed up dimensions. Coley – helper, photographer, facepainter, optimist and all round ace support – did a cracking job keeping children happy doing craft activities, while baby Mila was thoroughly entertained by Jean and somewhat bemused by her mother’s giant new toys which seemed to be magnets for big kids.

Shout out also to Nanjo who kept everything glued together with her common sense, knowledge of electrics, and willingness to fetch coffee and baps! So we put a big tick against our first event and happily headed into the grand world of children’s parties and events. Events number 2, 3, 4 and 5 have gone similarly smoothly and we’ve had great reviews, with everyone particularly loving our little touches, like birthday presents for the birthday children and our general all round megastar-ness. So with a few successes under our belts we are now looking into new inflatables and activities to bring in and offer out. My current favourite is an inflatable steeplechase, to race around on space hoppers. On the down side, there is a chance nobody will book it. But on the plus side – the Charnley-Parrys will never, ever, be bored!

Watch this space peeps!