It’s Morphin Time! We are SO excited that the Power Rangers are making a comeback and in celebration of this we are giving you everything you need for an action-packed Power Rangers party! We are dedicated to providing top quality entertainment and carefully thought out games to suit your party theme, so we have put together a jam-packed party full of Power Ranger games that your little rangers are going to love! We are going to give you a sneak peak at some of our games… its seriously exciting stuff.


All serious power rangers must carry a powerful punch if they’re going to save the planet from inevitable doom. Our fantastic power punch box game consists of the children doing a power ranger move and punching their hand into the circle where they will find a surprise to pull out – its always a hit!! Bonus prize for the fanciest power move too.

Up next, we have our mega assault course designed for budding power rangers. In teams they will use their super powers to climb, run and jump over obstacles in a race against the clock. The kids absolutely love this and have a great time competing with their friends!

Power Rangers love nothing more than a Nerf battle and our new nerf range is the perfect addition to any birthday party. We will provide the nerf guns as well as safety googles for all of the children – they will all get the chance to show off their nerf shooting skills!


Next up is Zord building, let their imaginations run wild with our Lego kit, complete with Power Ranger mini figures and plenty of awesome weapons.



Complete your party games with a Power Ranger race, choose your weapon of choice; wiggle car or hopper!



Of course, no Power Rangers party would be complete without the real Power Rangers turning up and showing the kids how its done! All of our characters make a birthday party pack a powerful punch. Our Power Rangers will join in with all the activities and show all the boys and girls how to unleash their super powers!

If you’re based in Preston, Chorley, Blackpool, Southport or anywhere else in Lancashire, give us a call today to discuss your action packed party, and if not feel free to have a go at our games yourself!

Power Ranger Out.