“Absolutely fantastic entertaining for the full hour. FANTASTIC thank you so much!!”
“He captured all the children’s attention and kept them occupied for the full 2 hours! I couldn’t recommend him enough!”
“My son had such an amazing time with his friends and loved every second!”

Your children have been chosen by destiny to save the planet

The earth is under siege from aliens and your party guests are all that stand between us and utter obliteration. They must use their cunning, teamwork, agility, weaponry skills and courage to save us all. Are they up to the challenge?
There’s only one way to find out; through the medium of party games!
The entertainer will come armed with music, power ranger themed games, weapons (nerf guns), super speed vehicles, agility tests and prizes for skill and bravery.

Host the power rangers party of the century!

Who could have envisaged that Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd  would target the North West of England? Little did they know that this is where the chosen ones live, and they have no chance against our skill and valour! 
This party is a non-stop, action packed fest of Power Ranger mayhem! Our expert children’s entertainer will guide your guests through awesome Power Ranger themed party games, building their skills and ensuring everyone has loads of fun in the process! 

One Hour Party


2 Hour Party






All equipment can be kept for up to two hours after entertainment ends

MILEAGE – Please note that delivery will be free within 10 miles of Longridge. Distances over 10 miles will be charged at 35p per mile for entertainment, or 65p per mile to contribute to two return van trips plus entertainer mileage for packages.