Princess parties have become the most popular parties around – kids just love them and they’re no longer just for the girls. From Elsa & Anna to Rapunzel and Cinderella, there are so many princess stories that all kids adore. Here at Fun Valley we specialise in all things princess, not only do we have our very own princesses available to come and party with your little royals, we will also write their very own fairytale that they will star in. They will play lots of princess inspired games and even have their very own coronation ceremony at the end of the party. We can provide almost everything at our parties, we just need a venue and the children to entertain. We are based in Preston, so if you’re not in Lancashire and at a bit of a loss of how to keep in favour of the crown, here’s a sneak peak at some right royal game ideas for a Tangled or Frozen party:

  1. Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair! – but before you do that get cracking on decorating the tower! Buy a roll of parcel paper, roll it out onto the floor and let them loose with stickers, pens, crayons. Make sure everyone signs the masterpiece! The birthday princess can also keep a section as a reminder of their special day.
  2. Making Lanterns – in Tangled, Rapunzel’s parents let off lanterns every day on her birthday. To make simple lanterns just tape A4 card into cylinders and give out pens and stickers to decorate. You can also tape in glow sticks as a special extra.
  3. Mother Gothel – Put some hoops in the middle of the room and have either an adult or guest be Mother Gothel. Gothel runs after the guests, whenever she touches anyone they have to stand in the hoops. Last one in wins!
  4. Flynn, Flynn, Rapunzel – a take on the old classic ‘duck duck goose’. Make a long braid out of yellow wool. Sit the children in a circle, pick a Rapunzel and tuck the braid into their top at the back. They go round the circle, tapping each guest on the head saying ‘Flynn, Flynn, Flynn….’ When they say ‘Rapunzel’, that one gets up and races round, but instead of racing back to the seat they have to chase Rapunzel and get the braid. If they succeed they get to be Rapunzel’
  5. Do you wanna build a snowman? – this is great fun, and very messy! Get the guests into teams of three, give each team a white toilet roll and have them race to wrap one of their team in the whole roll! First to finish the roll wins, but extra points for full coverage.
  6. Sven races – we have a huge supply of animal bouncers so we use these. Hoewever another fun activity is to use a stash of old boxes, cardboard, material, and cling film/foil tubes and let the guests make their own horses from the scrap, then race them in relays!
  7. Snowball fight – stock up on large white craft pom poms from ebay. Get the guests into two teams and have them face each other in a room or outside. Give each child a pom pom. When you should ‘FREEZE!’, they can pelt their snowballs at the other team! When they get hit they’re out. They can pick up snowballs off the floor to throw back. Last one in wins. Think silly, frozen style dodgeball.
  8. There’s loads more, but you’d have to book a Fun Valley Princess Party to access them!


Princess Party Ideas:

First up we have Hobby craft who have got a great selection of princess supplies – including small gifts to put in party bags and princess themed cups & plates. We really could buy it all! Prices start from just £1.50.

Up next is something we absolutely love! Over at Party Packs website you can buy your very own Anna and Elsa carboard cut out with oval shaped holes to put your own face. Great idea for lots of photo opportunities and so much fun for the kids and grownups! It will cost you £20.70 plus delivery, if you spend £39 you will get it delivered for free! There are loads of party supplies on their website so go check them out! P.S there are lots of cardboard cut outs to choose from including sleeping beauty and Rapunzel.

Finally, if you are looking for a bargain then Amazon do some great party supplies that won’t break the bank, including invitations, balloons and masks for the children to wear. You can find all their princess themed items in the link below.

We hope we have given you some inspiration for your upcoming party! There is so much out there to choose from and each year parties are getting bigger. We can’t wait to see what your parties look like! Don’t forget Fun Valley can do everything for you including food and decorations, we know how busy parenting so why not leave everything to us. Get in contact today to discuss all of our princess party packages!


Love SJ X