We’re on a mission to promote our fantastic Not-Your-Average-Princess Party! These parties are not your usual airy-fairy-glitter-and-kindness wafty numbers. Our Princess Party is designed for the more ambitious, fun-loving and super skilled Princess! There is indeed glitter (obvs), but there are also challenges, hopping unicorns, adventure storylines, treasure hunts and teamwork! But before you decide whether you are ready to host a Princess Party yourself, see if you can pass our test. If not we recommend that you get started with your homework before you’re inundated with hoards of excited little princesses expecting you to know your Megara from your Adrina.

1. Which film does a Scottish princess star in?
2. Which princess has healing powers?
3. Which princess does a duet with a handsome young man whilst riding a magical mat?
4. What is a certain young princess’ frog friend called?
5. What is King Stefan’s daughter called?
6. Who falls in love with Eric? (Not a very princey name these days!)
7. Which Princess is a pro in the kitchen?
8. Which princess lives in Agrahba?
9. Which princess has questionable taste and falls for a tea leaf (thief)?
10. Which princess has a friend called Meeko?
11. What animal is Meeko?
12. What are Ariel’s sisters called?

Tougher than you thought huh? Oh dear, best forget that princess party for your Disney obsessed child who is begging for an extravagant princess party to wow their friends… OH! But hang on a second! You actually don’t need to know about princesses at all! Just call Fun Valley for a perfect fairytale adventure princess party with Frozen, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Moana, Jasmine or Tiana theme!! Then put a big TICK next to “Organise princess party”, make yourself a cuppa and chill out. Well done you!!

To really get Queen Mum points you can also add our soft play, princess castle, themed party bags and filled lunchboxes. Easy for you, impressive for the kids; everyone wins!