Looking out of the window it appears that it is most definitely still winter in Preston, Lancashire. I will assume that if you have made it to this page you are interested in becoming a top children’s entertainer without having to spend a fortune or venture outside. Wellies and macs have their place; stomping in puddles is fun… sometimes. But sometimes you just want to chill out with a coffee while your children spend more than 3 minutes on an activity. So here you go, we have collected and collated the best ways for you to be the most popular children’s entertainer in Preston, without forking out many pennies at all! (But if you would like a party children’s entertainer, let us take the stress off and do it for you!)

 Princess and Have-a-go-(super)hero activities

Taking the lead from our fantastic Princess Party and Superhero Party, get out the glitter and fire up the batmobile!

Princess Party Potions – make up these glittery potions with household ingredients. If you have more than one princess, get them to magic each other into different animals if the potion overflows (it always overflows!) https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/AdVV9MRaV3Eu4-6FZZuVSL2pgAkvuXCE-7SthXYDH7ejk4MRDbLN7h4/

Dr Doom Villain Potion – as above but when it overflows the villains are after them – EVERYBODY SHOOT AND HIDE!

Princess Castle and Superhero City Landscapes – Use old boxes, toiled rolls, yoghurt pots, cut paper and paints to create big city scapes and a princess castle http://www.artbarblog.com/recycled/shoebox-princess-castles/


And now all they’ll need is a costume! It’s great fun creating capes and crowns from old clothes and cardboard, and for real simplicity add these cute princess bracelets or make them into superhero power cuffs http://learncreatelove.com/paper-roll-bracelets-craft/


It’s not imperative to make everything superhero or princess party themed, so here are some other great, simple and cheap activities:

Roll the dice – challenge your children to make a perfectly square dice each out of cardboard, but instead of numbers, write challenges on each side. https://princesspinkygirl.com/easy-indoor-activities/

Play doh of course! – but instead of the usual shapes and same old creations, challenge your children to make a full tea party fit for a queen, or a 4 course meal including a jus and crème brulee (or something…) http://stimulatinglearning.co.uk/2014/01/play-dough-tea-party/

Modern art at its finest – this one is messy, fiddly but brilliant. Just make sure your table and floor are well covered before the fun begins! https://newyoungmum.com/popping-paint-balloons/

Moon sand – this is amazing stuff and all you need is some oil and plain flour. You’ll find yourself entranced with it’s silky soft loveliness. Great therapy. http://lessonslearntjournal.com/d-i-y-moon-sand-or-cloud-dough/

Building Challenges – give your children a few sheets of newspaper and some Sellotape and get them to build the highest structure they can using different methods. You can do the same with any materials, we like lollipop sticks or spoons and plastic cups.

Balloon tennis – Make some nice light rackets and use a balloon as a ball – great fun and no danger of breakages! https://princesspinkygirl.com/easy-indoor-activities/

I think you’ll agree that these should keep your kidlets entertained for at least a few hours! Let us know how they get on and send over some photos on our facebook page!